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This is the adoption area. The reptiles have been through a veterinary check up, quarantine, etc. depending on their condition upon arrival. We currently do NOT ship because we have spent too much time & effort with thier rehabilitation to risk shipping. Adoption fees range from $10-$150. The exact fee will be sent to you upon approval of your completed application. Fees are based on a small portion of your reptile's medical bills.
Email all info to dfw_reptile@hotmail.com

They have all found homes!
Check back frequently for new arrivals.

Application For Adoption

First name:
Last name:
Email address:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Zip code:
What reptile would you like to adopt?
Who is your regular veterinarian?
What kind of habitat and supplies do you plan on providing?
What do you plan on feeding your reptile?
What reptiles have you had previous experience with?
What will happen if you are no longer able to care for your reptile?
Do you need a special permit to keep a reptile in your county or state?
Your current living situation:
Who resides in the household?
How do the people in the household feel about your future pet?

Our rescue is funded out of our own pockets, adoption fees, and donations. If you would like to contribute to our rescue please click the paypal button below.

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