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This is a list of my friends that also  do reptile rescue.If you have a unwanted reptile please contact the closest person to you.
Thank you very much.


Matt – Turtles & Tortoises


     I do mostly turtles and tortoises but I do lizards of any type also.

I live in Arlington. My phone number is 817-798-1909.

I work at Arkansas Lane Animal Hospital in Arlington, the number there is 817-460-1621.



Kristin – Aggressive Reptiles


    I'm a reptile caretaker and generalist rescuing the large and
aggressive. I have experience with mostly snakes and monitors. I can
treat, tame and provide a good home for them. Email me
krisldtx@yahoo.com or call me at 972 369 4565. I am located in the
Dallas Area.


Fort Worth


Email Me: darintylr@yahoo.com

Home: 817-921-1890



Cole – Box Turtle Rescue


       If you currently have a Box Turtle that is too large for its cage, depressed, or maybe just need to part with - please consider letting me take over great care of it for you. These animals really prefer large pens; aquarium life is not always adequate. I have a well equipped and safely enclosed backyard 16x10ft set up for the happy little critters to enjoy. Now serving mixed veggies, fruits, crickets & worms!

Email jcsauter@hotmail.com or Call 972-971-8458



David - DS Reptile Rescue, Removal & Rehabilitation 


    We are able to handle almost any snake, most lizards, and tortoises. We are not set up to handle aquatic turtles at this time. We specialize in Ball pythons, all the other small to med. size pythons. Sand, Rubber, and Rosie Boas. Kings, Corns, Milks, Hognose, Bulls, Pines, and all other Colubrids.

Email Me: dsreptiel@hotmail.com


Our rescue is funded out of our own pockets, adoption fees, and donations. If you would like to contribute to our rescue please click the paypal button below.

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